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Mississauga Garage Door Repair Experts Testimonials

Max Salazar

Fantastic speedy initial response and spot on service. We needed quick installation for a new garage door that my wife and I had picked out, and their technician was out here quick, we got charged a reasonable price and he did phenomenal work. extremely pleased and will clearly use them again for any garage work. Thanks Mississauga Garage Door Repair Experts for astounding service.

Peter Mansour

My partner and I have been annoyed because we came home after a beautiful dinner to find our garage door panel has been damaged, looked to be that someone was trying to pry it open. I got seriously scared and called Mississauga Garage Door Repair Experts right away. They connected me to their technician who reassured me and showed up within minutes to my house and quoted us a reasonable price to get it fixed. I don’t know how they do it, but he managed to fix it within the hour and gave me back my piece of mind. The garage door panel replacement service was flawless, and he did give me some advice about my garage door. Thank you so much Mississauga Garage Dorr Repair Experts for assisting me in my time of need.

Alisia Camputo

I wanted to have a garage door opener installation on my garage door. So, I called in the professionals at Mississauga Garage Door Repair Experts and their customer service was outstanding. As well as, their technician was appeared to be well trained and did provided a high quality garage door opener. The installation was finished on due time and the cost was extremely reasonable. Thank you so much!!

Wally Jackson

I was putting the kiddos in their car seats when the garage door slammed shut scaring the kids and myself. When having a closer look one of the springs appeared rusted and snapped in half. We couldn’t get the car out of the garage and we had tickets to the Raptors game that night.  I reached out to Mississauga Garage Door Repair Experts for help. They quickly replaced the springs, and everything was done leaving just enough time to park and make the national anthem at the game. Thank you for your help!!

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